Last updated february 28, 2018

Parc industriel de Beauceville

Québec, Beauceville


The grounds of the Industrial Park

The current industrial park has more than 136 ha or 15 000 000 ft².

The available spaces total 440,000 m² or 4,715,000 sq. Ft.

The standard dimensions available are at least 60 m of frontage by 60 m of depth.

The standard dimensions available are a maximum of 330 m of frontage by 255 m of depth.

Some options are also available, for non-standard inquiries, to know them please contact us.

Regarding the composition of the current site, all wetlands have already been compensated by the City.

The soil in place has a good bearing capacity, its composition is usually a plant cover, then a layer of soil or silt and finally, a rock surface that varies in depth from 0 to 3 meters and more.

Available area

4716713 sq ft
438197 m2

Total area

15005451 sq ft
1394052 m2

Biggest available area


Population within 1 hour radius


Main activity

Heavy Industry Zone

Fields of expertise

General industrial park
Waste Management, Recycling and Circular Economy

Services and infrastructures

280 m³/d


550 m³/d

Very large capacity

Very large capacity

Nearby: km

Nearby: 91 km

Maximum docking capacity - up to 35,000 tons

Highway 73 and Route 173

Aéroport international Jean-Lessage de Québec

Latitude: 46.7924050

Longitude: -71.3917200


Optical fiber

Specific caracteristics of the available area

Park property: 90 % Municipal, 10 % Private, % Parapublic, % Governmental

Land preparation: Ready-made floor, services available

Soil dominant composition:

Load capacity: Good


Cost of land purchase (from): 0.35 $/pi²

Geographic location

100, 181ième Rue, Beauceville

Latitude: 46.2227769 Longitude: -70.7938535

Number of companies
in the park


Number of employees
in the park


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Félix Nunez
General manager
Ville de Beauceville

Richard Longchamps
Director of Urban Planning
Ville de Beauceville

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