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Ecoparc Industriel

Québec, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville


The foundation for the creation of a zone of economic activity is always to allow the establishment in its territory of enterprises, to promote economic development,and to create jobs. The industrial ecopark approach goes further by encouragingpractices that respect the environment and minimizing its impact on the environment.

The creation of such an activity park, the accompaniment of engaged companies is the result of an assumed political will. Only this commitment is able to unite all the economic, political and actors around precise objectives and to associate the appropriate legal, financial, human and technical means. It constitutes an ecopark a zone of economic activity: 


  • Whose design is geared towards an ecosystem functioning (recycling of waste from the company set up as resources for itself and others, recovery of runoff water, production of energy, etc.)

  • Which services are marked by research of multimodality

  • Design and realization meet high environmental quality and versatility criteria. 

This approach goes beyond the simple qualitative landscape treatment that has often characterized activity parks using this denomination. Charter for the development of the Ecopark of the City of Saint-Bruno : 

  • Search for efficiency in the economic and ecological sense

  • Protection of the environment by ensuring the smallest ecological footprint of interventions in the Ecoparc

  • Request for ecological compensation in return of the significant ecological footprint of the enterprises

  • Density and urban integration

  • Natural resource economics in the Ecopark

  • Contribution of development of the natural elements of interest throughout Ecoparc

  • Contribution of companies to enhancing the green and sustainable image of the Ecopark

  • Providing various modes of active transportation

  • Projects inspired by LEED certification o Projects contributing to the recreation of the natural landscape.


Available area

2889862 sq ft
268477 m2

Total area

3262795 sq ft
303124 m2

Biggest available area


Population within 1 hour radius


Main activity

Light Industrial Zone

Fields of expertise

General industrial park

Services and infrastructures

Nearby: km

Nearby: 30 km

Maximum docking capacity - Deep water (up to 400,000 tons)

Highway 10; 20; 30; Road 116

Aéroport international Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau de Montréal

Latitude: 45.4680570

Longitude: -73.7416700


Specific caracteristics of the available area

Park property: 10 % Municipal, 85 % Private, % Parapublic, 5 % Governmental

Land preparation: Ready-made floor, services available

Soil dominant composition:


Cost of land purchase (from): 0,01

Geographic location

1315, rue René-Descartes, Saint-Bruno, Quebec

Latitude: 45.5190854 Longitude: -73.3797927

Number of companies
in the park


Number of employees
in the park


Main industries (3)

Bonbardier Transport

Boiron Pharmaceutique

Imprimerie Étiquettes Ccl

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Christian Charron
Ville de Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

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