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The Canadian Industrial Parks Directory (CIPD) provides a standardized profile of industrial parks across Canada per province based on their distinctive characteristics. You will find relevant data to collect, extract and analyze thanks to the platform. The CIPD is a major resource for site selectors on national and international levels.The CIPD is powered independently by park managers, which ensures clear, accurate and up-to-date information. In addition to providing quality information, the CIPD facilitates quick access between site selection specialists and industrial park managers in terms making contact for the first time.Each standardized profile provides the following details:

  • Identification details of the industrial park
  • Manager of the industrial park
  • Available services in the park (i.e., electricity, access to rail, water and air transportation infrastructure, etc)
  • Characteristics of available area (i.e., existing buildings, soil composition, etc.)
  • Cost of available acreage
  • Further information (i.e., description of the park)
  • Statistical information

It is important to consider that today there is an unavoidable fact:The search for available industrial site for companies always starts on the Internet!Site selectors now work in a wider variety of organizations (i.e., engineers, architects, lawyers, urban planners, etc.) and in the larger companies that specialize in the industrial, residential, commercial real estate sectors and even in the tourism industry.With this in mind, several cities have excellent strategies to enhance their regional offer on the web. For a site selector finding precise information quickly based on a specific set of criteria can be laborious. It is for this reason that we are proud to offer this unique platform for the inventory of industrial parks across Canada.

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